Harf Videochat

I built a simple videochat platform, it’s called Harf. It allows anyone to create a room to broadcast video to people who can watch. All the rooms are listed on the front page. The next step is to add chat, so that users can interact with the people on camera.

Pando Interview

In 2013 I was featured on Pando for an interview about Wordo.

“It’s not often that someone starts an interview with me by insulting PandoDaily, but that’s exactly what Amin Eftegarie did when I asked him how he came up with his startup idea.”

Systrom on learning

“Sometimes it’s not about the idea that you are working on, but instead the skills that you learn while you are working on it” – Kevin Systrom

Mental firewall

When you are in love with what you are building, you automatically develop a mental firewall to block anything remotely distracting.

Shrekli on profits

“I have a sworn duty to my shareholders to maximize profit.” – Martin Shkreli

I made a free Alexa tracker

I needed a tool that tracks the Alexa rank of my website. Alexa wants $100 a year to do this simple task. So my friend Anas and me created a site that does the same for free:

Believing untrue things

results in believing more untrue things.

Disney on money

“We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies” – Walt Disney


is prison


Fuck fashion.

Identifying smart people

“It’s easy to tell how smart people are. In 10 minutes, hit a few tennis balls over the net, and do they hit back at you, or into the net?” – Paul Graham


Fuck your resumé


I’m born in Iran.
I once came here as a refugee.
I am a business owner and employer.
I am 26, and have paid more taxes than others my age.
At 17 I read The Selfish Gene and left Islam for atheism.

Apple on app rejection

“We will reject Apps for any content or behavior that we believe is over the line. What line, you ask? Well, as a Supreme Court Justice once said, “I’ll know it when I see it”.” – Apple App Store Guidelines

Zuck on doing things

“I have this big fear of getting locked into doing things, that aren’t actually the most impactful things.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Parker on social media

“I’m a father now, and I have two children. And I constantly think about what will I do when they grow up using products that I helped design. And I generally think that I’m going to discourage them from using those products the way I tried to trick people into using them when I was younger.” – Sean Parker

Jefferson on government

“The best government is that which governs least.” – Thomas Jefferson

Bin Laden on 9/11

“I have already said that I am not involved in the September 11 attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other humans as an appreciable act.” – Osama bin Laden (28 Sept 2001)

Buffet on his cola consumption

“I’m one quarter Coca-Cola” – Warren Buffet


The willingness to undergo cognitive dissonance, although painful, is admirable.

Spend time alone

“There are many things you can accomplish, many thoughts you can have, that are only possible during long stretches of solitary time. You may even wish, at times, to be painfully alone – longing for social contact. Sometimes this is a period of maximal productivity.” Patrick McGillivray

Steve on innovation

Q: How do you systematise innovation?
Steve Jobs: The system is that there is no system.

We are wild Homo Sapiens

born in the civilised world.


Fuck school.

Kanye on close mindedness

“I think there are people who are wired by their parents to understand what I’m saying.
And there are people who are wired by their parents to reject what I’m saying” – Kanye West

David Lynch on School

“For me, back then, school was a crime against young people. It destroyed the seeds of liberty. The teachers didn’t encourage knowledge or a positive attitude.” – David Lynch


is the hardest thing.

Larry Ellison on school

“The things that caused problems for me in school are the same things that helped me succeed in the world.”

What great company

is nobody starting?


is the new celebrity.

Kanye on Bateman

“I kind of embody the character of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, which I really related to when I saw the movie.” – Kanye

I’m unable to conform

to something I don’t agree with in the first place.

The government

Fuck the government.

Numair on life

“Most of the best things that have ever happened to me have been a direct result of completely accidental situations that might have otherwise been considered “mistakes.” – Numair Faraz


is the new Harvard.



Response times on touch displays

I’m a nazi when it comes to snappiness in user interfaces. Everything has to be super-snappy. This video (by Microsoft no less) shows how important those ‘small’ differences can be to the user experience.

Einstein on Income tax

“The hardest thing to understand in this world is the income tax.” – Albert Einstein


Today Chi and I launched Wordo. Wordo is the clean dictionary. It’s made within 3 hours. It gives you definitions of English words, that’s all it does at this moment. But gosh, it’s so refreshing compared to what some of the other guys are doing. For example, check the definition for a random word Detail and compare them yourself:

Compared to the biggest and most used online dictionaries, Wordo is the clutter-free alternative. If anything, we removed too much, and if that’s the case we will gladly add things others find useful (synonyms, related words, other languages etc).

The greatest pleasure

is solving problems. - Paul Rand

Balancing out

I give love to things I find underrated, and I ignore things I find overrated. I have the need to balance out the world.

On Facebook for example, I never ‘like’ posts where somebody shares they have graduated from college or stuff like that. I don’t see college graduation as an accomplishment that deserves 50 likes, anybody could graduate from college, and getting a college degree is extremely overrated. However, I would like the post if the person in question had studied Genetics, Neuroscience or Astronomy for example, because that is very beneficial to the planet, it serves the greater good and the world needs more of them, so I give it my support.

Response times & UX


Managing complexity

The best way to manage complexity, is to prevent it from happening.

Insanely great

“Steve wasn’t just using “insanely” as a synonym for “very.” He meant it more literally—that one should focus on quality of execution to a degree that in everyday life would be considered pathological.” – Paul Graham

To understand consumers

you have to be a consumer.

PS vs Pixelmator

Photosohop: 1,5GB
Pixelmator: 40MB

Ignore the good things,

focus on great things.

Ideas are nothing

Execution is everything. One idea executed by 100 separate men will after time result in 100 completely different things. If these were companies with the exact same idea executed by different people in parallel universes, one might be worth millions while the other never makes a buck. It’s very important that the person executing the idea has a deep understanding of what factors come to play to make the idea a success. An idea is just a vague roadmap of what the future should look like. Ideas are to execution as what genetics is to nurture, except for the fact that ideas can evolve over time, while gen- ahh..


is a lie.


is money that people are forced to pay to the government.

HAL 9000 on the purpose of life

“I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do”

A busy man..

is a happy man.

Ayn Rand


John Nash in school

“Nash rarely attended class, claiming it would blunt his originality.” – A Brilliant Madness

It’s not about the name

It’s about the brand.

GUI Galaxy, SurfStation and Kaliber10000

It’s OK if you don’t get it.

RyanAir CEO on efficiency

“We have over ten thousand passengers per employee. Britsh Airways has 750 passengers per employee. Our people are 14 times more productive.” – Michael Cawley (Interim CEO RyanAir)

Anchor bracelet page

Designed this one page layout while not being able to sleep.


I hate cables. I have a lot of cables; Wacom, Lightning, speakers, headphones, MagSafe etc. The person who can solve the world’s cable problem will definitely add a lot of value to our everyday lives. That’s why I dislike education. Schools sometimes want to teach you to be creative, which in essence results in quite the opposite. They might come up with an exercise where you have to think of all sorts of solutions to solve the cable problem. But if you just let people do what they want, they will automatically think of many solutions for problems that bug them out. Their solutions might not have anything to do with the cable problem, but it could still be significant in another field.

Good designers

should not try to be good programmers, and vice versa.

Apple & 2001 A Space Odyssey

Sometimes I think Steve Jobs was just as fascinated by Kubrick’s 2001 as I’ve been.

iPod // “Open the pod bay doors hal”
iPhone 5 // Black monolith
Siri // Hal 9000 Apple Hal 9000 Ad

The right to exist

Many companies are started every day. Not all companies add actual value to the market. The ones that do have a clear right to exist. So how does a company go about adding value? Only two options appeal to me:

  1. You offer a new product that is innovative and useful
  2. You offer a similar product to that of your competitors, but price it at a lower rate or improve it dramatically

In both cases, whether we’re talking about a product or a service, real value is added to the market. Customers love paying less for the same product, and they don’t mind paying more for something that is more useful than a less capable product. Who decides whether a company has the right to exist? The customers do, the people of the world. They vote with their money by choosing carefully on which company they want to spend it on. People spend (their own) money only in their self interest, and by doing which they are also saying “I want to help secure this companies existence”. A company that wants to stay relevant and secure it’s long-term presence should do no other than serve it’s customers best.



Friedman on governments

Throughout the world governments always professed to be forward looking, in practice they are always backward looking, either protecting the industries that exist or making sure that whatever ventures they have decided to undertake are encouraged and develop. – Milton Friedman

Girls that don’t wear make up

Big fan.

Zuck on the web

“Virtually every important service that you use, online but eventually offline too, are going to get remade and designed from the botom up with people at their center.” – Mark Zuckerberg

trashness tumblr

trashness tumblr

A bad day

is an unproductive day

My protege

His name is Anas. At only 14 years old, he’s learning way faster about web, tech & coding than his spoiled counterparts from the western world.

Aaron Swartz

“The only thing I’ve really done is followed my curiosity wherever it led, even if that meant crazy things like leaving school or not taking a “real” job.” – Aaron Swartz

Being broke

If you think it’s cool to be rich, think again. It’s cooler to be broke. Being broke forces one to think outside the cube. You have no other choice than to carefully choose what horses to ride on. It breeds creativity and thoughtfulness. It makes you a jazz performer – you have to improvise with whatever tools you’re given.

Paradox of choice

The more choice you’re given, the less likely you are to choose anything.

Only dead fish

swim with the current

Path Dependance

“Path dependence explains how the set of decisions one faces for any given circumstance is limited by the decisions one has made in the past, even though past circumstances may no longer be relevant.” – Wikipedia

What do you believe very strongly

that nobody else agrees on?


“Common sense is not so common” – Voltaire

PF redesign

I redesigned PopularFollowers. Fack yeah.


is the new rich

Being personal

is more professional than being professional.


is bigger than power.


Of all the barriers that prevented me from learning, school was by far the largest.

Dribbble invites

I’ve got two invites for Dribbble. Shoot me an email and I will consider your work.

Larry Ellison on Microsoft

Oracle founder Larry Ellison explains why Microsoft is a huge dickhead.

What are some of mankind’s stupidest concepts?

“That 30 people learn best by sitting silently for 50 minutes while someone talks at them.”

Fuck school.

Hamming on productivity

“Given two people of approximately the same ability and one person who works ten percent more than the other, the latter will more than twice outproduce the former. The more you know, the more you learn; the more you learn, the more you can do; the more you can do, the more the opportunity – it is very much like compound interest.”

Richard W. Hamming

Thoughts on

Thoughts on Design, Paul Rand
Thoughts on Flash, Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs on Paul Rand
Thoughts on Beacon, Mark Zuckerberg

Trashness Store Launch

Here’s some things that happened within the first 24 hours after the trashness store launch:

  • First sale within 4 minutes
  • We received orders from 10+ different countries
  • One of the items was sold out within hours
  • Maarten and I popped one of the finer bottles from Moët & Chandon

I’m a player

I’ve been a player on Dribbble for about two months now, and I’ve just uploaded my first shot!


Fuck LinkedIn.

The Sartorialist on Naivety

“My lack of knowledge in the beginning really helped” – Scott Schuman

Branson on school

“I wasn’t a student for very long, but I was more a student of life once I left school” – Richard Branson

Why Apple should not pay dividends

Let’s say – hypothetically – Company A is worth 1 million dollars, and Company B is also worth 1 million dollars. Both companies are completely identical to each other, except for the fact that company A has $100.000 worth of savings in the bank. If the difference becomes known to the public, traders will prefer buying the stock of Company A, making the market cap rise quickly to $1.1 million. My point is: dividend is nothing more than getting a tiny piece of the stock value as real dollars in your bank account. If you want dividendmoney, go ahead and sell a couple stocks.. Don’t make Apple fuck up their awesome amount of bank savings.

There is one real value in dividends, though, it’s called a dividend reinvestment plan, or DRIP, which – if the company ‘supports’ it – allows shareholders to receive dividends in the form of new stocks instead of cash, often without having to pay for any extra transaction fee’s. On long term, this is a true wealth machine, because if you own a thousand stocks at first, you might own 1.025 at the next dividend pay-out, so that at the next dividend round you will receive dividends payed out over 1.025 stocks instead of 1.000, this can go on and on forever, creating exponential growth. Apple currently doesn’t offer DRIP to their shareholders, I emailed them in 2011 to ask them why not? Their answer was “Sorry, currently we don’t have plans to support a DRIP”. Can’t believe Apple allows fuckups to work at their IR department.


is not happening fast enough for me. Not kidding, either.

Wilde on dandies

“The future belongs to the dandy. It is the exquisites and rare who are going to rule”. – Oscar Wilde

If it’s important to you

You will find a way.

If not,

You’ll find and excuse.

Popular Followers

I’ve been working on a fun project which is called Popular Followers. It allows you to sort your twitter followers on the amount of followers that they have. I wanted to find out if my trashness twitter account had any celebs/high-profile people following it, and didn’t want to manually scan our 1500 followers. Google showed me there was an awesome programmer (Raymond Camdon, he works for Adobe, is extremely productive, has adopted children) who had already tried to create such a tool, I emailed him to ask if he’d be interested to collaborate with me on creating this simple tool for the masses. His job, to code, my job, to built the interface. His job was done in about an hour, mine too. But designing such a small tool is easy, since we didn’t need much more than a background, and a big-ass form box. The complete project, from my initial email to him, to deciding on a name, registering a domain, was finished in 24 hours. It took a bit longer before we actually launched, though, but this was nevertheless the most productive collab I’ve ever had. So hereby, dear readers of my blog (facking nobody), I proudly present to you what is probably the tiniest Twitter tool of all times: Popular Followers.

Officially ballin’

Oh fack yes! I got invited to Dribbble! This is awesome.

Everyone you will ever meet

knows something you don’t.

iPhone sales

“Each new generation sold approximately equal to all previous generations combined.” – Phil Schiller

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