Here's an amazing little thing.

We've made a rope bracelet using our skull anchor design.
It's simply called the anchor bracelet. It starts at only $17.

It's gold plated.

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It's $17. Serously.

That means no more excuses.
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Girls love it

We have never marketed it to women
(neither to men), but cannot stop girls
around the world from ordering one.

One size fits all

We've measured millions of wrists to decide on a
single size that will fit over 90% of the population.
If you're obese, now would be a great time
to start working out. It's worth the bracelet.

Order now.

Since we use the latest
technology, placing an order
has never been easier.

Go fuck yourself.

If you don't like this anchor bracelet,
your taste is quite undeveloped and
you are welcome to go fuck yourself.